The Nomination Committee's proposal for IFMSA-Sweden Board 2020

In the autumn, the Nomination Committee has been working to develop a proposal for the next verksamhetsårs National Board! The Nomination Committee has handled applications, held interviews with the candidates and finally arrived at a proposal that will be voted on at the next General Council, which will be held in NH in Örebro 18-20 October.


If you wish motkandidera there is the possibility that up to 21:00 the day before the meeting, namely 18/10. You can submit a motkandidatur an item you already searched, but also to other items. You can motkandidera both to the items where we proposed another person against vacancies.

Motkandidaturer is by this form:

The Nomination Committee's proposals

Matilda Stjernqvist, Skåne
Matilda has long and extensive experience in IFMSA-Sweden and has during this year
sat as Secretary. She burns especially for sustainable commitment and want to
Chairman work to promote mental health in the society. Matilda would also
work to create a good atmosphere on board and support everyone to achieve their goals. Matilda perceived as structured, focused and empathetic. We think she would be an excellent president of IFMSA-Sweden.

Vice-president of internal affairs (VPI)
Nelly Vuong, Linkoping
Nelly has previously started up Winnie the hospital on his lokalort, organized a National Weekend and had been the local president of IFMSA-Linkoping 2019. Nelly perceived as excessive and caring with clear goals for the year. She wants to develop new channels for knowledge sharing for local chairman, example LORF weekend and reorganization of common documents, and think it is important to achieve sustainable commitment and prosperous among local chairman. We recommend Nelly warm to the post of VPI.

Lisa Arvidsson, Skåne
Lisa has this year been the local president of IFMSA-Scania and has also been active in
Genus Group. Lisa burns especially for the environment and wish beside the usual tasks of a General Secretary also review how IFMSA-Sweden working with sustainability. She wants to ensure that the administration of the compound to flow in well so that everyone can focus on their mission. We the committee is convinced that Lisa is an excellent candidate for Secretary General.

Vice-president of external affairs (VPE)
Sonja Winkert, North
Sonja has extensive association experience NPO 2019, Vice-president of IFMSA-North
2018, been instrumental in starting the POP (Mental ill-project) 2016-2018 and external
Coordinator of Kärleksakuten in Umeå 2016. During the past year NPO, she has
participated in the GA and worked on a new policy document on climate change and health. As VPE want Sonja develop IFMSA-Sweden advocacy by producing more view documents, simplify and standardize the process of policy development and improving cooperation with universities. We in the Committee has great confidence Sonja and think she would fit well into the role of VPE.

Sara Blümel, Gothenburg
Sara has for years been a PR manager in IFMSA-Gothenburg but has considerable experience in
other compounds, especially as kåraktiv. Among other things, Sara was project manager for one of the largest health fairs, ALARM, where about 1500 students participated. Sara is perceived as very ambitious, with a huge commitment to the IFMSA and likes to challenge himself. We of the Nomination Committee believes that Sarah would be an excellent candidate for the position of Treasurer.

National head of the working group on sexual and reproductive health and rights (NORA)
Antonella Mazreku, Gothenburg
Antonella is a positive and self-motivated person with great commitment in matters concerning sexual
and reproductive rights. She has experience of international SCORA business,
eg workshops at Fino and EuRegMe and also has been a representative for the project
Sembrando Esperanza, Peru in IFMSA-Gothenburg local board. During the summer 2019 took part
Antonella in IFMSA-Sweden Summer Camp TNT and she now wants to use the knowledge gained from the
to build more capacity in SCORA in Sweden, especially in her heart issues:
postpartum depression, obstetric violence and gender roles in care. the Nomination Committee's
convinced that Antonella will be a valuable addition to IFMSA-Sweden Board 2020.

National head of the working group on human rights and peace (NORP)
Tebin Ahmed Hawez, Skåne
Tebin has long had a keen interest in human rights and to spread knowledge and awareness within the. Tebin include summer research on hypertension in Uganda, participated in TNT Summer Camp, been the responsibility of sponsoring exchanges, made field studies with an NGO in Laos and now sits as vice-chairman of the Disaster Medicine in Skåne. He wanted to make sure Scorp will be even more present in the social media and focus on transparency and to motivate new members. The Nomination Committee believes that Tebin can bring a perspective and believes that he is an excellent candidate for NORP.

Nationally responsible for the Working Group on Public Health (NPO)
Fredrika von Essen, North
Frederica has 2019 served as local chairman of IFMSA-North, where she has had the chance to develop qualities like leadership, time management and delegation, which we believe will be valuable in the office of NPO. Fredrika passionate about public health issues and want to use this to create more opportunities for interested members to get involved, for example through interactive workshops during national holidays, Masterclasses and writing of new policy. We have great confidence that Fredrika would fit very well as NPO.

Nationally responsible for capacity building (NIGHT)
Oskar Pettersson, Skåne
Oskar has previously been involved in Kärleksakuten and now sits as NORA. He is passionate about
the capacity building part of IFMSA and has participated in several trainings and
arranged self workshops. He wants more members to take part of this, including
through better cooperation with the working group responsible in terms of capacity building.
Oskar also want to IFMSA-Sweden will continue to organize more capacity building
events and build on the. We in the Committee has great confidence that Oskar would do a very good job as the NOC.

Nationally responsible for clinical exchanges (NEO-in)
Adeleine Forsberg, Uppsala
Adel Eine has served as NRC-in for the fiscal year 2019 and wish to continue in office for another year in order to create more continuity in exchanges. Her goal for the year is primarily to review the exchange economy, write completed handover template for LEOs and implement UAT (Upon Arrival Training) in accordance with international recommendations IFMSAs. The Nomination Committee believes that there is great value in Adel Eine remains as NRC-in and see her as a highly qualified candidate for the post.

Nationally responsible for clinical exchanges (NEO-out)
Catherine stamp, Skåne
Katarzyna has this past year been like LEO and has been perceived very positively by those
has worked with her. She wants the NRC-out to improve the material for the Pre-Departure Training to the local communities and being a good lawyer for the members of IFMSA-Sweden who go on clinical exchanges. We of the Nomination Committee considers Katarzyna is an excellent candidate for the NRC-out.

Nationally responsible for research exchanges (NORE-in)
Juuso Kuikka, Gothenburg
Juuso has worked as a LEO in Gothenburg during the past year and have experienced it as fun and educational. He was also involved in planning the trip to Finland. He is very
interested in IFMSA-Sweden exchanges and are motivated to support the LEOs
the same way that he feels he has been helped in this role. Juuso has previous experience as treasurer of the SLF in Gothenburg, which has helped him to develop his organizational ability and made him ready to face new challenges. The Nomination Committee believes that Juuso can be a valuable addition in the exchange group and therefore recommend him to NORE-in.

Nationally responsible for research exchanges (NORE-out)
Sara Ebadi, Gothenburg
Sara is passionate about international affairs and research and has a strong commitment to IFMSA. She wants to work to write new contracts with countries we do not yet have a contract with and create a good working relationship with the rest of the exchange group. Sara has previously been the responsibility of sponsorship and also worked as a research assistant. We of the Nomination Committee believes that Sara is a good candidate for NORE-out.

Vice-President for International Affairs (VPIA)
Julia bald eagle, Uppsala
Julia has been involved in IFMSA-Sweden ago 2014 and therefore extensive
experience in IFMSA-Sweden. Under 2017 Julia sat as Secretary of the Board
and since then she has worked as LSU:s UN representative to UNESCO Council. Because of
VPI is a new entry wish Julia develop a framework for how the record should work, create more
transparency on IFMSAs international meetings and to develop tools to help
Association members to use their voices internationally. the Nomination Committee
great confidence in Julia and believes that she is an excellent candidate for VPI.

Nira Nirmalathas, Stockholm
Nira was involved in IFMSA-Sweden during 2014-15 as LorP in Stockholm
PR manager for Scorp Camp. After a period of inactivity from the association she now
resumed their commitment and have a great interest in once again taking IFMSA-Sweden forward. Previously, she was responsible for PR in other compounds, such as exhibition of Young Scientists, Popkoll and Eelam Tamils ​​Union (ADVANTAGE). The Nomination Committee believes that Nira would be an excellent media manager and a valuable resource for the Board.

operations Accountant (two entries)
Maria Juhlin, Örebro
Maria has extensive experience in IFMSA-Sweden – especially as Chairman of the
the year 2019 and the VPI 2017-2018. Mary thus has a great understanding of
association and want to use her knowledge of the association to act as a continuous
support for the president throughout the year, and to improve auditor handover.
The Nomination Committee warmly recommend Maria to business accountant.

Rebecca Skagerström, North
Rebecca has a long involvement in the society as the local president of IFMSA-North
2017, SECRETARY GENERAL 2018 Principal and Media 2019. Rebecca has been very
involved in issues related to IFMSA-Sweden's approach and strategy and possess
Thus great knowledge of the challenges and opportunities that the association faces.
The Nomination Committee has great confidence in Rebecca and believes she can make a very good
job as a business accountant.

Nomination (two entries)
Rebekah Dejby, North
Rebekah has extensive experience in IFMSA-Sweden. She has been NORP 2017,
President 2018 and then also operates auditor 2019. Rebekah has a huge
commitment to IFMSA-Sweden and want to continue to contribute to the association with its extensive
knowledge. The Nomination Committee recommends warm Rebekah Nomination.


financial Accountant
Lena Lindgren (from Wikland Revisionsbyrà AB)

Emma Jaede and Lotta Velin
Nomination for IFMSA-Sweden Board for fiscal year 2020