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The Nomination Committee's proposal for IFMSA-Sweden Board 2021

Valberedningens förslag till IFMSA-Swedens styrelse 2021

In the autumn, the Nomination Committee has been working to develop a proposal for the next verksamhetsårs National Board! The Nomination Committee has handled applications, held interviews with the candidates and finally arrived at a proposal that will be voted on at the next General Council, which will be held on November 7th.


IFMSA-Sweden's board election takes place on 7-8 November during the General Assembly. The Nomination Committee has submitted its proposal, but it is still possible to submit a counter-candidacy. All members are welcome to run against. It is possible to run both for positions where the Nomination Committee has submitted a proposal and for positions where no person has been proposed.. Your candidacy will be submitted to FUM at the election meeting.

You can of course search for several items. In such a case, we want an application by post.

DEADLINE for the application is 21:00 the 6 november.

Feel free to contact me [email protected] if you have any questions.

Counter-candidacies are made through this FORM.


The Nomination Committee's nominations


The financial year 2021


Chantal Marchini, Stockholm

Chantal has long been active in IFMSA-Sweden both locally and nationally in several projects and issues, and sat as NORA and VPE. She has represented IFMSA-Sweden in LSU:s European reference group. She has also been active in international IFMSA, bl.a. as program coordinator for STI:s. Chantal has solid knowledge of the association as a whole and is well rooted in its values ​​and working methods.. She has a clear vision for the financial year and wants to develop strategies and routines for even more long-term and sustainable work.. Chantal is perceived as enthusiastic, listening and with good leadership skills. We believe that she is a suitable candidate for chair and therefore warmly recommend her.

Vice-president of internal affairs (VPI)

John Hall, Örebro

During the year, John served as LORF for IFMSA-Örebro and has previously been locally NH responsible and a member of IFMSA-Örebro's board.. He has good experience and understanding of the work of local associations and has an exciting vision for how the cooperation between the localities and the national board can be even better. John is perceived as driving and confident and we believe he would be a good asset for the central board as well as the board as a whole. We highly recommend John to the VPI post.


Lisa Arvidsson, Skåne

During the year Lisa has been Secretary General of IFMSA-Sweden and has previous experience as LORF for IFMSA-Skåne. Lisa has several visions for what she would like to realize during the next financial year, among other things, she wants to produce a clear and structured guide for grant applications. Lisa's previous experience of the central board and broad experience of the association's values ​​and working methods, we believe will have a positive and secure impact on the work of the next board.. We believe Lisa would do a fantastic job as Secretary General for another year and therefore highly recommend her.

Vice-president of external affairs (VPE)

Alma Nordenstam, Stockholm

Alma has solid experience from the Swedish youth movement and civil society from several organizations, bl.a. national project manager and board member of the Swedish Youth Council, representative of Sveriges Unga in Almedalen and is part of Maktsalongen's mentorship program. Within IFMSA-Sweden, she has participated in several SWGs:s for the production and implementation of policy documents. Alma is perceived as incredibly engaging, innovative and with broad knowledge of how civil society works. She has a clear vision for how IFMSA-Sweden can reach out in the best way. We highly recommend her to VPE.


Samuel Berglöf, Stockholm

Samuel has done an excellent job as LORF for IFMSA-Stockholm during the year, and sat as treasurer locally under 2019, and has also run a TNT in Sweden last year. We believe that he can handle the task as treasurer gallantly, and also contribute with a wonderful atmosphere to the board. He will play a key role in the central government, and we believe he will be an active one, wise voice in the discussions when important decisions are to be made. We highly recommend Samuel.

National head of the working group on human rights and peace (NORP)

Ellen Barret, Skåne

Ellen has been very active in IFMSA-Skåne for a long time, both in LIVH and in KatMed. She has also been involved at the national level with advocacy work within SCORP and trained as a trainer in disaster medicine. She has a very good understanding of what the projects need and a clear vision for what she wants to achieve with the position as NORP. Ellen's broad experience in SCORP and genuine commitment we believe make her very suitable as NORP.

National head of the working group on sexual and reproductive health and rights (NORA)

Minna Dawar, Linkoping

Minna has been active in Linköping within Kärleksakuten and as LORP. She has also been involved in starting a new project in Linköping – The intersectional group. She understands what projects locally may need and can be found as support for project assets locally. Minna has a lot of ideas and is responsive and cooperative as a person, and we believe she will contribute positive energy to the board. The Nomination Committee warmly recommends Minna as NORA.

Nationally responsible for the Working Group on Public Health (NPO)


Nationally responsible for clinical exchanges, outgoing (NEO-out)

Barry stamp, Skåne

During the financial year, Kasia has been a NEO-out and has broad experience from the exchange business. She has also been active in KatMed Skåne. Kasia is perceived as a responsible person, solution-oriented and someone who spreads a positive mood. She has a burning interest in making the exchange students' experience as good as possible. Kasia's experience from the national board we believe will work next fiscal year. We think Kasia would do a phenomenal job as a NEO-out.

Nationally responsible for clinical exchanges, in-depth (NEO-in)


Nationally responsible for research exchanges, outgoing (NORE-out)

Rawa Halabjayi, Gothenburg

Rawa has extensive experience from research exchange activities from both the upper secondary school and the medical program in Gothenburg. He has also been involved in the exchange activities at the local site. Rawa shows a solid understanding of how the exchange business works and

have many thoughts on how the exchange can be as good as possible. He is perceived as listening, safe and solution-oriented. We think Rawa would be a great fit as NORE-out and highly recommend him.

Nationally responsible for research exchanges, in-depth (NORE-in)


Vice-President for International Affairs (VPIA)

Adeleine Forsberg, Uppsala

Adeleine has extensive experience and has long been involved in national and international IFMSA. After two years on the national board and many international events, she has full control of what is happening within IFMSA and has a wide network of contacts within the association. We believe that she will be able to build on previous VPIA's work within IFMSA, and also be a safe point in IFMSA-Sweden's central board. She is perceived as listening and has exciting ideas about how IFMSA-Sweden's international work can be shaped in the future.. We highly recommend Adeleine to VPIA.


Ellinor Segersten, Skåne

Ellinor has previously been responsible for PR in most boards and working groups, and has studied marketing and photography abroad. She is active in Nallesjukhuset in Skåne. Ellinor is passionate about making IFMSA-Sweden's operations visible to the outside world in an aesthetically pleasing way. She has a clear strategy for how IFMSA-Sweden's media channels can be used in the best way and would like to help the local areas with PR where there is a need.. We think Ellinor fits like a glove for the position of media manager and highly recommend her.

business Accountants (2 poster)



Nomination (2 poster)

Matilda Stjernqvist, Skåne

Matilda has a great understanding of the association, the function of the board and needs after three years in the national board, of which 2 i centralstyret. She has shown great commitment and we are happy that she wants to continue to be active in the association as a nomination committee. We warmly recommend her to the Nomination Committee post.



Rebecka Wahlgren and Rebecka Dejby

Nomination for IFMSA-Sweden Board for fiscal year 2021