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Welcome to IFMSA-North

Välkommen till IFMSA-Norr

Formerly known as the IFMSA-Umeå but with the introduction of the regionalized medical education 17 January 2007 The organization changed its name to IFMSA-North to also include the other study centers.

Medicine Program has been at Umeå University since 1957. What from the beginning distinguished university in Umeå was the students' lively engagement in the political and humanitarian issues. Hit searched students who wanted to get away from the tradition-bound Uppsala - young people more interested in the world well than personal gain.

Today, Umeå is a city with wide doors and low thresholds. It is easy to meet and get to know new people. A plethora of different compounds guarantees that the restless need never miss meaningful data. A strong social commitment is evident in many parts of the city, not only among students.

Being a medical student poses many challenges. Time is short and sometimes heavy workload. For many, it can then become a challenge not to completely lose focus on the world outside of studies, and just that can help you with IFMSA. We are a group of students who want to make a difference in the world, affect our environment and give it a boost in the right direction. We are outraged over the injustice and want to publicize where ignorance creates problems. So, students in IFMSA operated since 1951 when the compound was established - and then in Umeå 1957.

Within the association there are great opportunities to customize their commitment for interest, time and ambition. It has room for selective measures, regular assignments and their own ideas - both in Umeå, Sweden and the world. The work in IFMSA is divided into different working groups, You can read more about the various projects driven working groups pages. The links there are in the "Project" in the border at the top of the page.

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