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Do you want to go on SCORA X-change in summer?

Vill du åka på SCORA X-change i sommar?

If you want to combine international exchange with depth clinical and theoretical knowledge on SRHR – look here!

In summer, the IFMSA something called SCORA X-Change – yield 3-4 weeks where the combined clinic, workshops and excursions related to topics such as sex education, STI, gender violence, maternal and abortion.

This summer there is the possibility to search 14 different countries! The exchange is in different periods for each country and the cost ranges between 220-400 € depending on the country. For more precise information on each country can be found via this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zNSN32ExPkUxevk1JlFCUH7ylw92EI_I

How to apply?

1. Check out which countries are invited to exchange and their periods that you can find in the link above.
2. Select up to 3 various exchanges that interests you and rank them.
3. Write a motivation letter why you want to go on these exchanges.
4. Write a resume with your past and present credentials associated with IFMSA and activities related to SRHR.
5. Download and fill in the "SXC CF" you will find further down in the post.
6. Contact [email protected] to get the document "SXC CF" signed after you have filled this.
7. Finally, fill in the application form linked at the end, where you also need to upload:

  • motivation letter
  • CVT
  • A photo of you
  • SXC CF signed by NORA

Deadline is the 17/3, so start in good time with your application!

For questions or concerns, hear from you [email protected]

Link to download the SXC CF
Link to the application form