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International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) was founded to strengthen international samförståelse and cooperation after World War II in Copenhagen by Swedish and other European medical students.

IFMSA is a nonprofit organization that promotes peace and health, both locally and globally, and seeks to build a network between all the nursing students. In more than 65 years has IFMSA worked locally, national and international human rights issues and public health issues, and recognized by, among others. FN, WHO and WMA. In addition, we have a unique exchange program in clinical medicine and medical research together a variety of universities around the world.

Since the organization was founded, IFMSA expanded considerably and is today the 6 continents and has over 100 Member States with around 1,2 million members. In Sweden we are in all seven locations where medical school and we are constantly growing in size, passion and expertise. We operated fully by our approximately 1 400 members, then you have some idea of ​​how we can make the world a better place, make your voice heard together with us! For more inspiration and information on how we operate, see the bottom of each workgroup or contact us with your questions and concerns.