We work all over the world for everyone to have a good health and access to functioning health care! We in SCOPH operates worldwide with public health issues such as mental illness, climate change and health, organ donation and so much more.

Public health foundation of the Standing Committee on Public Health, Health Working, was already 1952, where infectious diseases such as TB was a global health threats. Since then, the world situation changed very much and we are facing a series of new public health challenges of non-communicable diseases, an aging population and antimicrobial resistance.


How can you get involved?

Do you also think it is important that health care students committed to improving public health? As the future workforce for health- care, We have a huge influence. by SCOPH, you have the opportunity to cultivate your interest in public health, whether you have the desire to do so through a project, through advocacy and by meeting other health enthusiasts around the world at international meetings. Perhaps there is a project on your lokalort that attracts you a little extra? Or have you found a project that is not active in your area, or do you have an idea about how we can work to improve human conditions for good health? Please contact NPO (National Public Health Officer) we can help one another to start running it! Of course, if you have any thoughts or questions, just send us an email.

Contact details

npo [at] ifmsa.se

For contact information for your lokalort, please send an email to npo [at] ifmsa.se