clinic- and Research Yields

SCOPE/SCORE – clinic- and Research Yields

IFMSA provides both clinic- and research exchanges organized entirely voluntary of medical students in each country affiliated. As outgoing you are offered a one-month internship at the clinic or in a research lab, at least one meal a day, as well as accommodation in the dorm room or home of a local student. During the internship period organized a social program where you together with other exchange students from all over the world get to experience what the host country has to offer!

Using IFMSAs major networks offered exchange over 60 countries around the world such as Canada, Russia, Ghana, and Brazil, among many others! Learn more in the tabs below regarding which countries offered, and the conditions for the application.



what is offered?

Now the application to exchange with IFMSA open! Does that 10.000 second medical students around the world and go on exchange! Deadline for applications is 31 October.

Infront of 2018-2019 has IFMSA-Sweden over 140 exchange places to about 60 different countries, and while we accept as many students to our own university towns during next summer. The application is kept open between 1 – 31 October! Will there be any residual places then they will be announced via e-mail with a short deadline. Under clinical exchanges respective Forskningsutbyten you can find which countries you can search this year, as well as the more specific exchange conditions applicable to each country. Hard to choose? Learn about past students' experiences from our many travel stories.

On this link you will find information about the different countries. Note that we do not have contracts with all countries on the Explore pages.

IMPORTANT AND NEW FOR THIS YEAR: You MUST attend a “Pre-Depature Training” Before you go out on their exchange. This workshop / training is 2 hours long and will be held in each national weekend and 1-2 times at a local resort during the spring semester. Present not, lose their exchange place. For more info or questions contact [email protected]

How do I?

On member portal, You will find the application form.

UnderThe application process that explains how you go about searching exchange.


Clinic Exchanges
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