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IFMSA-Sweden's semi-digital NATIONAL WEEKEND 2022!

[Registration, open 14/1 – 5/2: CLICK HERE! ]
A warm welcome to the semi-digital National Weekend!
national Weekend (NH) is IFMSA-Sweden's joint event for all members. Every year we arrange three national weekends, one in the fall and two in the spring, at any of our seven locations.
The current situation means that we can not meet as planned in Uppsala – instead, NH becomes "semi-digital" for a day! This means that your local area will arrange on-site activities based on restrictions, and the program will then include some common ones, digital moment. The workshop is on the schedule, lecture, local time and social activities. The council with an annual meeting will be held on Sunday where one representative per venue for the members' action.
More info about schedule and logistical details will come from your venue as the event approaches. Food and coffee are included in the registration and active participation, no entry fee will be charged.
IFMSA-Uppsala greets that they are reloading to invite you to a proper and long-awaited National Weekend in May – until then, we must do as we always do, the best of the situation, and is seen according to the conditions that the situation entails. Should any questions arise, email [email protected] Seen at NH!

Renew your membership in IFMSA-Sweden 2022


No description available.

Dear member,

We look forward to an exciting 2022, where we work together with issues in global health and create opportunities for both current and future care students.

Your membership in IFMSA-Sweden must be registered every year. If you want to continue being a member below 2022 it is therefore important that you go to our website and renew your membership. You can do this easily by going to this page. As a member of IFMSA-Sweden, you get the opportunity to participate in all our projects and activities, go to the clinic- and research yields, and apply to international IFMSA meetings and trainings. Membership is free.

Election election to the national board of IFMSA-Sweden 2022


Now it's time to apply to the board of one of Sweden's largest student associations, International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations-Sweden (IFMSA-Sweden). All members are welcome to apply until and including it 21 december 2021 at 23:59 (Swedish time). Interviews take place continuously until the 30th of December. The election is then held for a week 3.

After reviewing the applications that came in at the first announcement of all board positions, we found that we want to announce some of the board positions again. The items in question are NEO-out, Medieansvarig (1 post), operations Accountant (2 poster) and Nomination Committee (1 post). You are welcome to apply for any of these items, regardless of whether you have already submitted another application or not.

Note that another official position as Media Manager will be announced this year. It involves a collaboration between 2 people sitting on the same post.

Here you will find the application form. You will find a description of the various items here. You can of course search multiple records. In such a case, we want an application by post.

If you want to nominate a candidate, send an email to [email protected] with his name, contact information (telephone, e-mail and possibly. Skype account) as well as intended mail.

Welcome with your application!

Election Committee 2022 – Sara Ebadi

Application | IFMSA General Assembly, March Meeting | Ohrid, Northern Macedonia 1-7 mars 2022


Now it's finally time! Today, the application opens for IFMSA's largest international meeting, General Assembly (GA)!

Here you will meet students from IFMSA:s 140 member organizations, to exchange experiences during an intensive week, decide IFMSA:the future, inspired and socialize. The next meeting will be held in Ohrid, Northern Macedonia, 1-7 mars. Obviously, Sweden on site!

We urge you to seek, new and old, regardless of previous experience. Applications will be reviewed by a selection group, and ranked among other things with regard to the earlier commitment and personal goals of the meeting. Valgruppen also trying to bring a delegation to an even distribution between local resorts.

The participation fee is 420 The EU will be fully sponsored by IFMSA-Sweden. This includes the program, accommodation and food. Travel costs to and from Northern Macedonia are paid by the participant himself.

application form:


Invitation package:


Last day to apply is 18/11 at 23.59

For questions about GA or international IFMSA involvement, contact [email protected]

Global Health Night 2021!


IFMSA-Sweden, Swedish Institute for Global Health Transformation och KTH Students for Sustainability, warmly welcomes you to this year's Global Health Night – an annual forum where we will discuss the most pressing issues in global health!

This year the focus is on planetary health – the confluence of human and environmental well-being. In today's society, it is not only clear that these disciplines are intertwined and interdependent, but we also know that they are one of the biggest challenges our generation is facing right now.

The theme is centered around technology and our relationship to technology to ensure planetary health for today and for the future. Do we need more or less technology? Do we need to change the way we use technology?, or the solutions will come by themselves if we just let them?

Through inspiring key note speakers and panelists, we will try to answer all these questions. In addition, IFMSA-Sweden is leading an interactive workshop campaign “Our health is burning” – more info on this coming soon, keep an eye on our site!

Register HERE

IFMSA-Sweden Election Meeting 13 november – The Nomination Committee's nominations and forms for counter-candidacies


The Nomination Committee's work has now been completed for this time and we are very pleased to present the Nomination Committee's work nominations for IFMSA-Sweden's Board of Directors for the financial year 2022.

The Nomination Committee has submitted its proposal, but it is still possible to submit a counter-candidateatur, regardless of whether you applied for the position during the nomination period or not. It is possible to run both for positions where the Nomination Committee has submitted a proposal and for positions where no person has been proposed..

You do Motikandidera by filling in this form no later than 21:00 the 12 november 2021.

You will find a description of the board positions – HERE.

The Board is elected under the IFMSA-Sweden Council (SMOKE), consisting of one representative from each lokalort. The next FUM meeting will take place in connection with the national weekend in Umeå, 13 november.

Welcome with your application!

IFMSA-Sweden Election Meeting 2021


During Saturday 13 november kl 10:15 IFMSA-Sweden's Council will hold an Election Meeting. Council (SMOKE) is the association's highest decision - making body and consists of a representative from each locality. During the Election Meeting, next year's national board will be elected.

FUM has open doors for all IFMSA-Sweden members and you are warmly welcome to participate as a spectator. The meeting takes place in Lindellhallen, Samhällsvetarhuset on Umeå University's campus.

You will find the FUM documents HERE!

Prior to the election meeting, it is also possible to run against the board, regardless of whether you applied for the position during the nomination period or not. It is possible to run both for positions where the Nomination Committee has submitted a proposal and for positions where no person has been proposed.. To run against you, fill in the following form last 12 november 2021 at 21:00.

Before FUM, it is also open to all members to send in motions about something they want to influence within the association. Exercise form you will find – HERE. All motions are sent to [email protected] no later than 23:59 the 12 november 2021.

Extended application to the National Board 2022

Application to the national board 2022 extended for certain items. All members are welcome to apply through it 28 October 2021 at 23:59. Interviews take place continuously and the election is held thereafter 13 november i FUM, in connection with IFMSA-Sweden's national weekend.
The items concerned are:
– Vice Chairman for External Affairs (VPE)
– Nationally responsible for research exchanges, incoming students (NORE-IN)
– Nationally responsible for research exchanges, outgoing students (NORE-OUT)
– Nationally responsible for reproductive health and rights (NORA)
– Nomination
– operations Accountant
On our website you can also read more about each board position: https://www.ifmsa.se/ansok-to-fmsa-sweden's board-2022/
For questions, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Welcome!
Election Committee
Sara and Matilda

Search for exchange 2022!

Application for research exchanges and clinical exchanges during the season 2022-2023 is open!
The application period is even open 15 October.
We offer exchanges to over 40 countries, bl.a. Oman, Rwanda, Cyprus and Indonesia.
For more information, click through these links:
Search and good luck!

National weekend in Umeå, 12-14 november

Welcome to National Weekend in Umeå 12-14 november 2021!
national Weekend (NH) is IFMSA-Sweden's joint event. Every year we arrange three national weekends, one in the fall and two in the spring, at any of our seven locations. This autumn, IFMSA-Norr will host!
Workshops are on the schedule, lecture and other on topics such as public health, sexual and reproductive health and rights, exchanges and human rights and peace . In addition, the National Board of Elections will be the election council 2022 to be selected, and of course good hanging and sitting!
All members, both brand new and curious as well as really experienced, from all different locations and projects are welcome to register. If you are not already a member, you can become one ifmsa.se/medlem.
– Times: Arrival to the event Friday at 17 and onwards or Saturday before kl 9. Departure after Sunday at 12.
– Schema: Published with registration.
– economy: Deltagaravgift 150 kr, then accommodation is included, food and activities. Travel allowance can be applied for after the weekend according to ours guideline. If you are applying for travel allowance, you may miss a maximum of one day's activity.
– Registration:
Fill in the form above or go to it link.
Registration is open 7-14 October. Limited number of seats, when the registration is closed, it will be announced whether you have been given a place or not. If there are remaining places, registration is kept open for another week.
– Questions? Contact your local location or [email protected]!
A warm welcome to NH and Umeå