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EuRegMe2023 Application


The application for the EuRegMe 2023 delegation is open!

Application closes: Thursday 15 december kl 23.59.

A warm welcome with your application to IFMSA-Sweden's delegation to the next European IFMSA meeting, EuRegMe 2023! We will be represented by one 7 members strong delegation to the meeting that is underway 10-13 april i Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina. The participation fee is 170 euros is partly sponsored by the association and the trip is paid for by the delegates themselves. More information can be found in the Invitation package, see link. Questions? Do not hesitate to contact [email protected]. The selection committee looks forward to your application!

Invitation package: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16nft44W53Vx371If5_JXJPqp832HUuxG/view?usp=sharing

Form: https://forms.gle/j7ffcjvVzKdtosGs8


Blog post AM22


“Throwback to August when the Swedish delegation was at the General Assembly in Turkey:

August Meeting 2022, what a trip!

Now the bags are unpacked and the washing machines are running. You feel right at home feeling tired and worn out but very, very happy to have participated. At the same time, it is very difficult to explain what it is you have been through. When we are now sitting and going writing a few lines, it's hard to know where to even begin.

Perhaps it is best to try to clear up what "General Assembly" or "August Meeting” means the words may not say much. In a hurry, we can try explain it in two different ways:

The first thing is to say that IFMSA as an association has a council there the member associations together can discuss and make decisions about the association's future. It is called the General Assembly (GA), and meets twice a year, once in March (March Meeting eller “MM”), and once during August (August Meeting, “AM”). General council meetings are held during the meetings (“plenaries”) where you take off candidacies for the international board, bylaw amendments, policy documents and other useful. But it is also a forum for capacity building, where members can hang out and develop their understanding of the association and the subjects they are committed to. Mer about that later.

Another way is to describe it as half-crazy experiment: “what if you invites a thousand engaged medical students from a hundred countries to a hotel in one week?”. As you can imagine, the result is intense — both in terms of work and socially. In a way, it's a miracle that it all comes together. Nevertheless, we have just from IFMSAs 71:a AM, and would both warmly recommend it to anyone interested IFMSA active!

AM 22 was the first General Assembly meeting any of us had attended. Extra fantastic is that it is also the first physical August meeting after corona-the period's digital events and hybrid solutions! It has been an intense week with busy schedule and great exchange of knowledge in a very inclusive environment.

The program and activities can broadly be divided into a couple of categories: where there are joint activities, and activities that are specific to the session/workgroup you have been assigned. Usually the days consist of lectures, workshops and seminars in various forms. As a delegate at GA, you can either participate in the sessions of any working group- it can thus be everything from exchange activities to sexual and reproductive health, with public health and human rights and peace in between. In addition to the usual working groups, there are also "president's sessions" where representatives of the national organizations go. There are also "NMO Management Sessions" which touch on themes relevant to capacity building and the administrative aspect of running a national organization.

The schedule during the week was packed from morning until well into the evening. When plenum ended the social program began. It included everything from yoga session, game night, song and dance. The most impressive event was perhaps the NFDP (National Food and Drink Party), a social event where every NMO (national membership organization) offered typical dishes and drinks from their country. There was also dancing, which was really fun!

We strongly encourage everyone to apply to the General Assembly, regardless of earlier experience or not. Because it is precisely through these meetings that you are reminded of how IFMSA has many thousands of members worldwide, who are all passionate about different things things that concern our future.”


Here are the membership options for V.41

Read more here!


It is time for IFMSA-Sweden's General Council to gather to hold an election meeting. Council (SMOKE) is the association's highest decision - making body and consists of a representative from each locality. During the election meeting, next year's national board is elected.


FUM has open doors for all IFMSA-Sweden members and you are warmly welcome to participate as a spectator! The meeting takes place 29-30 October, at Health Sciences Center Lund.

The nomination committee's nominations to the board 2023/2024 is presented here.

You can find a description of IFMSA-Sweden's board positions here.

It is still possible to submit counter-candidates, regardless of whether you applied for the position during the nomination period or not. It is possible to run both for positions where the Nomination Committee has submitted a proposal and for positions where no person has been proposed.. To run against you, fill in the following form, last 28 October at 21:00.


As a member, it is also possible to submit motions(Feel free to contact your local chairman if you want to know more or want to talk to the representative from your particular locality.) to the meeting. Download and fill in the form below – Feel free to contact your local chairman if you want to know more or want to talk to the representative from your particular locality. – and email it to [email protected], last 28 October at 23:59.

Application for exchanges open 10 days to go!


Does that 10 000 other medical students and go on exchange with IFMSA!

Reminder –


Have you always dreamed of seeing the world??

Do you want to learn more about different cultures and meet people from all over the world?? Maybe even at the same time as you, integrated into this, take lessons home with you that are relevant to your education?


NOW is your chance! Go on a clinical exchange or research exchange, under 4 weeks summer 2023, through IFMSA-Sweden!


Be sure to secure a seat – the application window closes 20 October!


To read more, enter into exchange page!


We offer exchanges to many different locations around the world, bl.a. Spain, Italy, Mexico, Tunisia, Indonesia and more than 35 other countries to.

IFMSA's exchanges are organized entirely on a voluntary basis by medical students in each country's member organization. As an expatriate, you are offered a four-week internship in a research group or internship in a hospital, at least one meal a day, as well as accommodation in the dorm room or home of a local student. During the internship period organized a social program where you together with other exchange students from around the world get to experience what the host country has to offer!


For more information about the application process and the different exchanges and countries offered, click through these links:



clinical exchanges

- Information about application process

travel stories


search, search, search, and good luck!


For questions, please contact [email protected]

The application to the national board is extended!


The application to the national board is extended!

Do you want to get involved in the world's biggest and best club for nursing students? Are you interested in global health and public health issues?? Are you passionate about IFMSA and are full of ideas for how the organization can continue to develop? Then it could be exactly you that we are looking for!

We are now extending the application for some posts. Apply at the latest 9 October

You can apply by filling in this form.

You can of course search multiple records, in such a case, we would like an application by post.

Where happens next?

After you have submitted your application, you will be contacted by the selection committee for an interview. The board is then elected during the General Assembly meeting, 29-30 October. For the rest of the autumn, the incoming board works in parallel with the current board during a handover period, until the annual meeting in February/March 2023, when the new board takes over and leads IFMSA-Sweden for the coming year.

Which entries can be searched?

Vice-president of internal affairs (VPI)



Nationally responsible for capacity building (NIGHT)

Media and PR manager


operations Accountant

National coordinator for the Love Emergency (official post)

National coordinator for Teddy Bear Hospital (official post)

In this document follows a brief description of all positions within the board, as well as contact details for the current board.

For questions about the records, feel free to email the sitting member or the election committee.


Do you know someone who you think would be a good fit as a national board member?

To nominate a person for a post, send their names, phone number and email address to [email protected] You are also welcome to contact us with general questions.

We look forward to your applications!


Election Committee 2022 – Rawa Halabjayi & Lisa Arvidsson

Masterclass advocacy work 2022


Application to IFMSA-Sweden's Masterclass on Impact Work, 26-27e November 2022

Are you interested in learning more about advocacy work?? Do you want to be inspired and develop your non-profit commitment?? Are you interested in listening to lectures by those in power and activists?

Then don't miss IFMSA-Sweden's masterclass 2022! Apply by 16/10 at 23.59.


This is an application to IFMSA-Sweden's masterclass on advocacy work. This masterclass aims to give interested members a chance to develop and deepen their non-profit commitment through workshops and lectures with experienced politicians, civil society, the medical profession and international advocacy work. The list of lecturers and facilitators during the weekend will be shared later – however, we can promise that they are well-known names. The goal of this masterclass is for you as a participant to leave the weekend inspired, new knowledge and concrete tools to work with as a volunteer.

The masterclass will take place 26-27th November 2022, in SLF's premises in central Stockholm. Accommodation in close proximity will be arranged for those who need it, with the option of walking or taking public transport to the masterclass premises. It is possible to apply for travel compensation afterwards if you live in another city.

Included in participation:
– Accommodation with breakfast.
– Meals including coffee.
– Workshops and lectures on Saturday and Sunday.

Participation with accommodation both nights costs 250 kr, accommodation only one of the nights 200 SEK without accommodation 100 kr. The fee is paid in connection with your place being confirmed. Please note that there is only room for 30 participant, why a good one (but summarized) justification in the application can increase your chances! Participation in this masterclass is meritorious for continued involvement within IFMSA-Sweden. It is also possible to get a certificate of participation afterwards.

Apply here!

For questions, contact Clara Brune at [email protected]

Youth representatives to the UN



Announcement of youth representatives to the UN

IFMSA-Sweden sitter i LSU, in cooperation- and interest organization for Sweden's youth organisations. Right now, LSU offers an exciting opportunity to apply to become a youth representative to the UN.

Anyone applying for one of the assignments must be nominated by someone from LSU:s member organizations' national board. As a member of IFMSA-Sweden, you can therefore be nominated by our association.

*Youth representative at the UN:s climate summit COP28 2023

You who are in between 18-25 year can now apply to be LSU's youth representative at the upcoming climate summit COP28 during 2023. The assignment extends from January 2023-December 2024, and therefore includes more than just the participation itself.

*Youth representative to the UN, focus on human rights 2023-2024

FN:s General Assembly, (HIM) 2021

The representative participates below 1-2 weeks at the UN:s highest decision-making body of the General Assembly 78:and session in October 2023 i New York. The assignment includes, among other things, giving a speech in the General Assembly's third committee, which is responsible for human rights issues. Participation in resolution negotiations is also included, above all the Youth Resolution which is dealt with every two years.

The assignment extends from January 2023-December 2024, and therefore includes more than just the participation itself. Read more and apply here.

*Youth representative to the UN:s sustainability forum HLPF 2023-2024

The representative will participate for two weeks in New York at the UN:s high-level forum for sustainable development, HLPF in July 2023. The purpose of the forum is to put sustainability issues higher on the agenda. 2015 Agenda was adopted 2030, FN:s new global goals for sustainable development. HLPF's task is to contribute with political leadership, guidance and recommendations for sustainable development, as well as to follow up and evaluate the implementation of the global development agenda.

The assignment extends from January 2023-December 2024, and therefore includes more than just the participation itself. Read more and apply here.

The application closes on 5th Oct
Contact Clara Brune at [email protected] for information and nomination!



National Saint Lund 2022


Finally, it is time for the last National Holiday of the year (NH) in Lund on 28-30 October!


How we've longed for IFMSA Sweden's funnest weekend! Here you get the chance to meet IFMSAre from all our seven locations and participate in various interactive workshops within IFMSA Swedens 5 different working groups*.


The theme of this NH is Conflict and Health, which aims to draw attention to the effect of conflicts on people and health. Several interesting trainers and external parties will be invited! Beyond this we also have an electoral council where the national board for 2023 will be selected. Very exciting!


IFMSA Skåne hosts this NH and is working hard to offer you exciting social activities on Friday, seating on Saturday and as always food and accommodation for the whole weekend. The program includes everything from lectures, for workshops and project fairs.

All members, both brand new and curious as well as really experienced, from all different locations and projects are welcome to register!

OBS! We have a limited number of places, so be sure to secure your place at this exciting opportunity!


So what do YOU ​​need to do to join?


  1. Sign up at the link here: https://forms.gle/vaBJbx1SLxLQ1mZ97.
    The report closes it 30/9 at. 17:59!
  2. Wait for an email from us if you get a place, where more information and instructions regarding payment are given!
  3. Keep an eye on our social media for news about the program at NH.


Deltagaravgift: 250 SEK with accommodation, 100 SEK if own accommodation is desired.
Both fees include food, the program activities and social events.


You can apply for travel reimbursement for the ticket from your local location to Skåne after the event. The weekend runs from kl: https://The weekend runs from kl?usp=sharing&fbclid=IwAR06B8c8llaWzBenOPfaJRZxle4O7Nkww-t8IWjx3ZytzIIG6X2zo52ZzAs


Contact [email protected] in case of questions or concerns!

A warm welcome to Lund!

/IFMSA Sweden and IFMSA Skåne